** (brief) Trial Update – Day 2 ** & The Conditional Grandmother

Today was day 2 of the trial.  We are officially underway with testimonies.  We had testimonies from witnesses in the Plaintiff’s case, as well as “expert witnesses” there to confirm and completely deny the claims made by Vianna and Theta Healing.

We’ll get back to that later…

For now however, we’d like to briefly touch on one of the other things that was discussed – Vianna’s role as a grandmother.  If you’ve been to Vianna’s seminars/workshops/sermons, you know that she loves to talk incessantly about how much of a loving and doting grandmother she is, and just how many grandchildren she has.  What she generally fails to mention along with this, is that she also continues to claim Lindsey’s children as her grandchildren.  And we suppose, technically speaking, that they are.

That being said, we’re going to re-post one of Lindsey’s blog posts from March of 2010.  In it, Lindsey explains, in detail, just how “loving” of a grandmother Vianna really is.

Read the post below, and then ask yourself: does this sound like the actions of a grandmother that is gushing with unconditional love for her grandchildren?  Does this sound like love at all?  Does this even sound like the actions of anyone who would call themselves a grandmother?

Or… does it sound heartless?

Read for yourself.  And decide for yourself…

written by Lindsey Stock in  March of 2010…

I’ve kept the subject matter of this post to myself for nearly a year and a half. It is now time to let it be seen.

I have been publicly berated, called everything from a frail woman to a pretend mom. My intentions are often said to be due to my obvious self hatred/loathing, anger, hate and lack of unconditional love. For anyone who can see past their own distress of me being an open ThetaQuestioner™ , I am confident enough to be who I am if it will benefit anyone at all.

I am a mom of 4 kids whose initials spell H.E.A.L. and whose ages, as of tomorrow, are 1, 3, 5 and 7 years old. They are perfect in every way and, if I may gush pridefully for just a moment, they are beautiful. I have a child who has perfect pitch and sings like an angel, I have a math whiz, I have a superhero in the making, I have a child with incredible compassion, I have an artist, I have a magician, I have a neat freak and an incredibly health-conscious eater… I am the proud mom of 4 wild and crazy monkeys who love to pray all on their own, and who are loved dearly.

Getting Down to Business:

When my little girl was only 18 months old, Josh, (her paternal DNA contributor) left her and never looked back. She developed a severe ear infection the day he left and cried out for the one who left her for several days in a row. Unlike her father, Ella’s ear infection would not leave. She screamed most of the day and much of the night. After many, many doctor appointments and a sickening amount of antibiotics it was decided that the only real option was getting ear tubes. It was planned and family and friends were told.

When the day came I sat in the silent waiting room, alone (as her “dad” didn’t bother to come), waiting for Ella to come back to me. The suggested time-frame for the length of surgery came and went with no sign of her. Anyone who’s sat in a waiting room for their child to come out of surgery knows the nervous energy that can create endless hypothetical, stressful outcomes of even a “simple” surgery. She finally arrived and the doctor was shocked at how “sick” her ears were. He described at length that they were far worse than what he’d been able to see previously. They burst with blood at the slightest touch and puss poured out, making the surgery quite an arduous task. He was hesitantly satisfied, yet concerned at the possible damage that had been done. But the relief that Ella felt showed on her happy face. That was Halloween day, one month after Josh left.

Then this came.

Vianna made the conscious, deliberate decision to cut off her granddaughter from much-needed medical insurance on the very day of her surgery. Call me what you’d like! Toss “pretend mom” at me and tell me I’m fat and ugly, but look me straight in the eye and tell me if that is the behavior of a Grandmother. I was pregnant, I had 3 asthmatic children and a very small daughter who was in constant, screaming pain.

Bobbi and Brandy have made a weak attempt to blame me for that decision saying that I told Vianna to take us off of medical insurance. (Honestly. I only wish I were kidding.)

Does this situation hold any bearing on ThetaHealing? Why would I even mention this?

You need to understand the leader of this cult. In public, to her paying followers, she appears to be so full of love and joy- willing to do anything for anyone. On everything she touches, it is added that Vianna Stibal is a grandmother, an artist and a writer. One of my favorite quotes on the subject is on YouTube.

“I have 8 grandchildren and I feel pretty freakin’ amazing!”

Normally, the mentioning of grandchildren is supposed to endear the listener/reader. It has always been so strange to me how often Vianna mentions that she’s a grandmother both in written and spoken form, yet she would literally walk right by my children when I brought them to say hello to her. I never understood it before, but my eyes are wide open now.

When a woman says, “I’m a grandmother,” she usually changes her entire demeanor to express even a subconscious loving, caring feeling about the children who gave her that special title. But not Vianna. I’ve watched her for years. She nods, looks around and, with body language, says, “I know, it’s hard to believe that someone so young and vibrant could be a grandmother, right?” It’s a sales pitch; it’s not love.

Vianna adds the stereotypical terms like, “My grandkids can do no wrong and I carry pictures of them in my wallet.” Usually women spew out facts or even general feelings about her grandkids (my mother does it all the time!). But in countless videos and in countless in-person seminars Vianna isn’t moved by the thought of sweet children. She says that the children of her children can do no wrong! She carries pictures! It’s got nothing to do with the children. It’s part of the trap of being a great, charismatic cult-leader. She’s incredibly adept at getting people to see in her what she wants them to see.

A grandmother.

As I commented on YouTube, Vianna is not the caretaker of any of those 8 (now 9) grandchildren. Why wouldn’t she feel fantastic? In fact, at least 5 of them NEVER see her due to the choice of the mothers of those children. Also, Vianna was 17 when she had Josh and Bobbi was 15 when she had Jena. Josh having 6 kids, all of whom he abandoned, by the time he was 28 just adds to the kid-stew. The fact that Vianna “looks so young” is no more a product of the magic of ThetaHealing than it is from the crackers she added to her soup at lunchtime.

And to make matters worse, Vianna puts her innocent grandkids on camera to appeal to the female audience. I encourage you to watch the videos that show her grandkids and see for yourself how forced it feels how she talks to them. The worst one, by far, is the one of Jena discussing her arm and the accident that should never have happened.

In Bobbi’s description on her blog, the miracle was that where no adult was supervising a child on a potentially deadly vehicle, a nearby nurse was able to see the accident and rescue her. Jena went to the hospital and was obviously (and thankfully!) well taken care of! But, in the end, Bobbi says, “Now if you ask Jena she will tell you she healed so Fast because of ThetaHealing.”

I read the full account at http://lottsbbj.blogspot.com/ and you can, too. Jena was allowed to ride something that she was not equipped to handle at such a young age without supervision. Nearby people were the reason her life was saved. They called the paramedics and Jena was taken to the hospital. Her arm was operated on by professional, skilled, EDUCATED people. It broke my heart to keep reading that the theme of Jena’s life being spared and her arm being saved was all about ThetaHealing and dear ol’ “grandma”. The true lifesavers were the people who found her and took care of her and the doctors who made sure she’d be okay. The saddest part yet was turning the situation into a ThetaHealing commercial. Real emotions have left- the only thing that remains is selling ThetaHealing and the abilities, however brainwashed into a child, of a “healing” grandmother. Christina Hlusak asked Jena, “Do you want to use ThetaHealing in your future?”

“I want to, yes. I want to be as good as grandma, but not better than her.”

The person who makes her living off of convincing people that if they don’t love everyone and everything unconditionally then they must find ThetaHealing (the way a prisoner finds Jesus), has a very specific condition placed upon her family- especially grandchildren. Grandma Vianna is the Founder of ThetaHealing; treat her as such and you’ll be taken care of.

More updates to follow.

Truth will out.  



Starting next week, Vianna Stibal is going on trial in the Suprior Court of Idaho Falls in Bonneville County, Idaho.

She is going on trial for FRAUD.

This trial is open to the public and the outcome will be decided by a jury.  The facilitator(s) of this website will be in attendance, and we encourage anyone interested in seeing and hearing the overwhelming evidence amassed against Vianna, THiNK, and Theta Healing to also attend.  Also, if you are a Vianna Stibal supporter and living in the area, we encourage you to attend.  While there, you will be able to see first hand, how Vianna responds to the charges against her and how she chooses to defend herself.

We will be posting regular updates of the trial and its progress.  Check back often to hear about how the proceedings are unfolding.

We are looking forward to this.  As should you.

As always,

Truth will out.

Genes cost $170

   The following is a post originally published by Lindsey Stock in March of 2010.  As we’ve mentioned before, from time to time, we will be re-posting some of Lindsey’s most important information and insights for people to see and read for themselves.  The following article talks about Vianna’s insistence that Genes (and therefore DNA) can be changed instantly with….you guessed it….Theta Healing.  Lindsey offers some great insight in this article and poses some very interesting and logical questions.  Questions that you should ask any Theta Healer before you decide to invest in any of their services or decide to take any o f their classes.  

Always ask questions.

And enjoy the article below.

***Originally posted in March of 2010***

“I’m gonna show you how to change a gene, just the way I was shown by the Creator… I’m gonna tell you that we’ve been pretty successful with this… Changing a gene is actually probably the simplest healing you can do.

It takes a half an hour a piece for you to teach, and I know that Guy really wants to go over contracts with you today… so it will take us about two hours to test to make sure that you guys are comfortable teaching…

I’m gonna show you how to change a gene, are you ready to go? How do you change a gene? This particular procedure is used for genetic defects such as retardation. You can kind of use it for Down syndrome, even though Down syndrome is a, a double strand of the same strand… Your body is made up of 5 things. It’s made up of carbohydrates, nucleic acid, proteins, something called ATP and lipids… these nucleic acids are put together by something called a hydrogen bond. If you were a microbiologist or a chemist, you would know that a hydrogen bond is the easiest atomic structure to change. K? It’s the easiest.

Well sometimes the DNA gets messed up. Since it’s the easiest thing to change, it would be the easiest thing to heal… DNA is so smart that they actually have to make scientists leave the room and go away  in order to conduct experiments on DNA because they found that the scientists thoughts were actually changing the experiments… and the Creator told me that there’s like a master cell, that if you change that cell the whole body changes… you go up and you say, ‘Creator, this child would like to change, take care of it, thank you it is done, it is done.’ And you go in and you witness, you see a flash of light, and it’s changed.”

Vianna Stibal says that changing genes is the “simplest” healing.

Adrenoleukodystrophy, Adrenomyelonueropathy, Huntington disease, phenylketonuria, Marfan syndrome, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, galactosemia, cystic fibrosis, polycystic kidney disease, Tay-Sachs disease, hypertrichosis pinnae, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, gauchers disease…

Vianna says on one of her YouTube videos that she has seen millions of diseases. Millions. Vianna says that fixing genes is the simplest healing you can do. Why, then are there so many people in the world with genetic diseases? If they’re easy to fix then what on Earth are all these Theta “Healers” doing with their time? If it only takes an instant, shouldn’t it be easy to fix millions of people?

Countless people suffer everyday. Sickle cell anemia affects a staggering 1 in 625 African-Americans, reducing life expectancy to about 42 years old. If ThetaHealing is so effective at fixing these “simple” diseases, that kill people (children/women/men) everyday…  then why are people still suffering? If all someone has to do is pay (according to one Healer’s website) $170 for a session to rid one’s self of a debilitating genetic disease, who in their right mind wouldn’t do this? No one wouldn’t do it. And if they didn’t have the money themselves, and had a stingy healer, who wouldn’t lend/give that small amount to someone who will soon be CURED?! If a mother could avoid the trauma her newborn baby, born with a genetic defect, would experience… would she not avoid thousands of dollars in medical bills, surgeries and more?

If Theta Healing worked, people would be perfect.

No one would be dis-eased. Theta Practitioners would heal babies in the womb (who they can apparently see before their birth, with ease no less) before they ever had to spend a single second on the earth with a genetic mutation. If all it took was seeing a flash in your mind and “telling” God to fix a defective gene, then suffering would end for millions of people everyday… until no more disease existed in the world. The world would leave Christianity permanently and “convert” to Theta.

But it doesn’t work.

ThetaHealing preys on those who seek help and those who long for a quick fix. Vianna Stibal arrogantly claims to have received a “procedure” from God that heals genetic disorders in virtually no time at all! Look at her. Listen to the way she talks and the things that she says. Read her quotes above; look at her overweight body. She supposedly gets information from God, yet God isn’t aware of how to pronounce the words she is told?… and God is well-known by major religions in both the past and present to be wrong on a constant basis? Is God also known to give unique, never-before-heard techniques to women who lie, cheat, defraud, plagiarize  gossip, abuse their body, welcome physical/emotional/financial abandonment of innocent children, accept adultery in “healing” sessions, disobey laws, and charge a great deal of money for unsubstantiated claims? Not last time I checked.

It’s time for people to question these ridiculous claims. This must stop.

Where are all of the recipients of the instantly healed genetic defects? They don’t exist.  Oh, and there’s one more person who doesn’t exist:  the knowledgeable Naturopath, Massage Therapist and loving Grandmother who healed herself of cancer. She doesn’t exist.  She’s just more lies made up by Vianna Stibal.

How to Start a Cult

Just in case you were wondering.  Here’s a somewhat funny, and yet disturbingly accurate depiction of how cults start and develop.

Granted, not all of this pertains to Vianna and Theta Healing, but as you watch this, we’re quite sure you’ll find plenty of material that does.  Or at least sounds hauntingly familiar.

We can’t help but wonder if Vianna studied this video herself.  Oh the irony.