COURT DECISION: Vianna and Theta Healing Guilty of FRAUD.

July 26th, 2013.


District Court of Bonneville County, Idaho.

Case # CV-2011-0006974-OCDistrict

Last week, Vianna Stibal and her Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge stood trial in the District Court of Bonneville County, Idaho.  She was sued by one of her former students for FRAUD.

Vianna is not a stranger to the court system in Idaho.  A simple search in the public records will bring up several different misdemeanor run-ins with the law, as well as an instance of her suing an individual by the name of Guy Stibal.  Wait….  Yes.  THAT Guy Stibal.   It seems that back in 2001, Vianna even took to court her very own husband – Guy Stibal.    But we’ll save that for another post…

For now – let’s focus on what happened last week.

To be clear – this was not a criminal trial.  Vianna was not being brought to trial by the State of Idaho.  She was being sued by one of her former students for selling her something that did NOT work.  Namely – Theta Healing.

During the trial, testimonies were heard from several people associated with Theta Healing, and expert witnesses (see: trained and licensed Medical Doctors) were called to judge its validity.  Vianna herself even took the stand to attempt to defend Theta Healing and herself.  All of this took place over the course of 4 days and in front of a jury, mutually chosen by the attorneys for both parties.

In the end, the jury chose UNANIMOUSLY in favor of the student and that Vianna and Theta Healing were guilty of FRAUD.  Vianna and Co. will be forced to pay damages of an, as of now, undisclosed amount.

Please read that sentence again:  …the Jury chose UNANIMOUSLY.

These results are on public record.   And as more details become available, we will publish them here.

Vianna and Co. were unable to prove that Theta Healing works.

Their only line of defense was to say “I’ve seen it work.  I know it works.  It worked for me”.  Unfortunately (for Vianna) this is not proof.  This will never be proof.  Because Theta Healing will never be proven to work.

Because it doesn’t.

If you are someone who is investigating Theta Healing to see if it is something you want to invest time and money into – please take into consideration that it has been viewed as a fraud by the Court System of Idaho.

If you are someone who has invested money into Theta Healing in the past and feel that you were sold a false good and that you were defrauded of your money – consider the outcome of this case, and consider possible litigation.

If you are a Theta Healing practitioner – please ask yourself why you continue to support and spread the fraud?

If you are a Vianna supporter / defender – we ask you:  How would YOU defend Theta Healing if you were brought to trial?  (feel free to register your defense here in the comment section)

If you are law enforcement, the FBI, or a News Media organization – please look deeper into Theta Healing.  This fraud is global, and countless lives have been adversely effected by it.

More to come…

Truth will out.



How to Start a Cult

Just in case you were wondering.  Here’s a somewhat funny, and yet disturbingly accurate depiction of how cults start and develop.

Granted, not all of this pertains to Vianna and Theta Healing, but as you watch this, we’re quite sure you’ll find plenty of material that does.  Or at least sounds hauntingly familiar.

We can’t help but wonder if Vianna studied this video herself.  Oh the irony.

Cut the Green Wire? Or the Red Wire?

In the video below, you will find a fascinating TED talk from an ex-member of the Moonie cult.  In our opinion, the talk itself is far too brief to really delve into the deeper societal and psychological damage done by cults and groups of the like.  However, it does touch on some of the reasons why people get seduced by, and further involved with groups like The Moonies or Heaven’s Gate or the idea of Theta Healing.

It’s a quick watch.  And well worth your time.

In Case You Missed It…

Last year the BBC did a feature on Vianna and Theta Healing while they were visiting and promoting in London at the time.  This video has been difficult to find on YouTube for some time now, though fairly easy to find on the BBC website.

And even easier to find now that we’ve supplied a link here on this blog.

Please read the story and watch the video.  Especially the part where Guy attacks the reporter and his camera man for simply wanting to ask Vianna a couple of questions.

Ask yourself:  If Theta Healing works so well, why do the people who promote it and profit from it refuse to ever back it up with measurable evidence?  Why won’t they ever prove that it works?  And why is it that anyone who questions the validity of Theta Healing gets attacked and bullied (usually through threats and litigation, though sometimes physically as evidenced by this video) into submission and silence?


BBC Story on Theta Healing and Vianna



Until next time,

Truth will Out.

-Perry O’Veritas


ThetaHealing: Unmasking the Cult

We here at ThetaHealingFraud are dedicated to exposing the fraud and lies upon which Theta Healing has been built.
And we’re big supporters of anyone else who is focused on the same goal.

And for that reason, we’re happy to support another website which we highly recommend.  Please read through the information on this site – you’ll find an extraordinary amount of information there which should help you in your search for answers…

And consider all of the facts that are given to you…

Until Next time,

-Perry O’Veritas.