And thank you for finding your way here to the newly created “Theta Healing Fraud” blog.

For a brief time, this blog had been created as a reconstruction of an earlier blog located at www.donttreadontruth.wordpress.com.  We briefly obtained ownership of that blog after it was abandoned and vowed to continue to keep the information on it accessible.  After only 4 days, we opted to close that blog and url, as its continued existence risked legal consequences for it’s former owner: Lindsey Stock.

The blog that was formerly located at www.donttreadontruth.wordpress.com was an invaluable resource for those people searching for answers and insights into the fraudulent healing modality known as “Theta Healing”.

That blog was previously owned and updated by Lindsey Stock, former daugher-in-law to Vianna Stibal, the founder and “creator” of Theta Healing.  We prefer to think of Vianna a charismatic cult-leader and charlatan whom has amassed a legion of devotees through her fraudulent healing “modality”.

For reasons that remain undisclosed, Lindsey was forced to abandon her efforts on her blog earlier this month.  True to her word, she closed down her blog, and her claim to the domain name, exactly as she she would, and on the date that she had committed to.

Long before her blog was closed down… we had archived all of her material.

And as soon as she gave up her claim to the domain… we grabbed it.

Why?  Because the material on that blog was too important to be lost.  Countless people found their way to her blog each day with questions about Theta Healing and its founder, Vianna Stibal.  The information that was contained within the pages of Lindsey’s blog was invaluable in that it offered unfiltered insight into what went into the development of Theta Healing, the lies that it is predicated upon, and the fraud that it continues to perpetuate.  People need access to that information so that they can base their own opinions, and form their own conclusions before blindly believing the unbalanced, unscientific, and fictitious claims made by the people profiting off of Theta Healing.  The mental, physical and financial health of countless people depend on this information being available.

Who are we?  We are a collective.  We are dedicated to exposing the fraud of Theta Healing and other self-professed healing “modalities” like it that risk creating irreparable damage in people’s lives.   Although this blog will continue to devote itself to exposing Theta Healing, we will also, from time to time, bring to light other healing scams like it and link the similarities to show how they are all alike.

For the record – this blog is no longer maintained by, or administrated by Lindsey in any way.  We don’t know her personally.  We are merely great admirers of her work.   And we are proud to continue that work here in any way that we can.

Over time, we will be salvaging Lindsey’s content from our archives and re-posting it here .   Check back often as we will continue to add content whenever we can.

Above all else – ask questions.  It’s your right.  And if you’ve found your way to this blog, you’ve already started to.  Hopefully you’ll find some answers within these pages.

Thank you for joining us.  We welcome your comments, and we support Lindsey’s comment policy in that all comments will be answered.

And most of all,  Thank you Lindsey.

Truth will out.

-Perry O’Veritas.