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Welcome.  This site is owned and operated by Perry O’Veritas.  We are a collective of individuals dedicated to exposing the fraud that is Vianna Stibal and the cult of Theta Healing.  We also hope to help the innocent individuals who are investigating Theta Healing and hope to provide some of the answers that they may be looking for in their search for truth.

We appreciate all of the work that Lindsey has done to expose Vianna and Theta Healing over the years.  And we’re taking up the torch to continue her good work…
She disbanded her blog.  Just as she said she would do.  True to her word.

FOR THE RECORD:  Lindsey is in no way connected to the control of, or administration of this blog.

Take some time to read through these pages.  If you’ve found your way here, you’re searching for answers to the questions you have about Theta Healing.  Hopefully you’ll find some answers within.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to comment and join the discussion. All comments are welcome and will be posted (and responded to)

-Perry O’Veritas.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel sorry for you for having so much hatred in all of you…no wonder the healing doesn’t work on you.

    • Jo: Thanks for your pity. Is it Vianna, or the “Creator of all that is”, that filled you with such unconditional love for people? In all actuality, you kind of have it backwards. It’s the love that we have for people that fuels this website/blog. It’s that same love that seeks to protect people from being preyed upon by charlatans and scam artists such as Vianna. We don’t hate Vianna. We just seek to expose her (and Theta Healing) for who she really is.

      Exposing truth is an act of love.

      We love you Jo.

      (Can you say the same?)

      Truth will out.

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