Full Trial Transcripts

We apologize in the delay in posting this information.

Below we have added a link that should take you to the District Court Records of Bonneville County, Idaho. This particular link should take you to the cases of Vianna and Co. We’ve found that this sometimes requires a new log-in from a new user. In the event that the link does NOT work for you, we advise you to perform a case search BY NAME and put in Vianna Stibal as the name. A few cases will come up. If you click on the second one listed as “Vianna Stibal” and NOT “Vianna McDaniel” it should take you to her court cases.

When you get to that page, please scroll down to the second case where it shows the full schedule of how the trial played out and the final amount that Vianna and Co. have been forced to pay out to the Plantiff as a result of the guilty decision by the jury.

Also, you may find it interesting to view the FIRST case listed on this page. You might find it particularly interesting to see who Vianna sued back in 2002. See if you find that the names on that case look familiar. Somehow, that other person is ringing a bell….

You can find a link to the transcripts HERE.

If that doesn’t work, please perform a search for Vianna Stibal on this page: Idaho Courts Search Page.


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