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COURT DECISION: Vianna and Theta Healing Guilty of FRAUD.

July 26th, 2013.


District Court of Bonneville County, Idaho.

Case # CV-2011-0006974-OCDistrict

Last week, Vianna Stibal and her Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge stood trial in the District Court of Bonneville County, Idaho.  She was sued by one of her former students for FRAUD.

Vianna is not a stranger to the court system in Idaho.  A simple search in the public records will bring up several different misdemeanor run-ins with the law, as well as an instance of her suing an individual by the name of Guy Stibal.  Wait….  Yes.  THAT Guy Stibal.   It seems that back in 2001, Vianna even took to court her very own husband – Guy Stibal.    But we’ll save that for another post…

For now – let’s focus on what happened last week.

To be clear – this was not a criminal trial.  Vianna was not being brought to trial by the State of Idaho.  She was being sued by one of her former students for selling her something that did NOT work.  Namely – Theta Healing.

During the trial, testimonies were heard from several people associated with Theta Healing, and expert witnesses (see: trained and licensed Medical Doctors) were called to judge its validity.  Vianna herself even took the stand to attempt to defend Theta Healing and herself.  All of this took place over the course of 4 days and in front of a jury, mutually chosen by the attorneys for both parties.

In the end, the jury chose UNANIMOUSLY in favor of the student and that Vianna and Theta Healing were guilty of FRAUD.  Vianna and Co. will be forced to pay damages of an, as of now, undisclosed amount.

Please read that sentence again:  …the Jury chose UNANIMOUSLY.

These results are on public record.   And as more details become available, we will publish them here.

Vianna and Co. were unable to prove that Theta Healing works.

Their only line of defense was to say “I’ve seen it work.  I know it works.  It worked for me”.  Unfortunately (for Vianna) this is not proof.  This will never be proof.  Because Theta Healing will never be proven to work.

Because it doesn’t.

If you are someone who is investigating Theta Healing to see if it is something you want to invest time and money into – please take into consideration that it has been viewed as a fraud by the Court System of Idaho.

If you are someone who has invested money into Theta Healing in the past and feel that you were sold a false good and that you were defrauded of your money – consider the outcome of this case, and consider possible litigation.

If you are a Theta Healing practitioner – please ask yourself why you continue to support and spread the fraud?

If you are a Vianna supporter / defender – we ask you:  How would YOU defend Theta Healing if you were brought to trial?  (feel free to register your defense here in the comment section)

If you are law enforcement, the FBI, or a News Media organization – please look deeper into Theta Healing.  This fraud is global, and countless lives have been adversely effected by it.

More to come…

Truth will out.


32 thoughts on “COURT DECISION: Vianna and Theta Healing Guilty of FRAUD.

  1. The good thing is that god takes care of people as evil as you are. It is sad to see it that you have a way of doing things that looks logical to you but the rest of the world sees how ridiculous you really are

    • Thank you so much for you comment. Though, after reading it, we believe that you may have sent it to our website in error.

      If you’d like, we’d be happy to forward it on for you. Or, if you’d like to be proactive, we’re quite sure that you meant to send here:


      You’re welcome.

  2. I’m Over joyed that some one finally called her out for what she is, A thieving fraud. I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I’ve met this woman and she is a snake.

  3. Perry, how does this stuff start, how does it work? I am afraid. I’ve been researching all sorts of recent cults to gain an insight to their psychology, because my (ex?) boyfriend aspired to lead his own cult, and has already persuaded many of our friends to jump on board. I want to trust him. But if I was so susceptible to that, how do I know I won’t fall for the next bout of empty propaganda that comes my way? I am just shaken, feeling guilty, worried about my boyfriend, just afraid in general. Just afraid.

    • Our first piece of advice to you: look up the definition of “Anti Social Personality Disorder” – or more commonly known as sociopathy/psychopathy. And then take a good long and inquisitive look at your (ex)boyfriend’s behavior. Your intuition to feel shaken and afraid is spot-on. Nearly everyone who has aspired to lead any sort of cult-like movement throughout history has fit the diagnostic criteria of a Sociopath. (i.e.: Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, L.Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, Vianna Stibal, etc, etc,…)

      Sociopathy/Psychopathy is a personality disorder and is almost unanimously believed to be uncurable and lifelong. It’s also widely believed to be the defining characteristic(s) of people who are considered to be “evil” by moral standards. They are, “the people of the lie.”

      Warn your friends if they aren’t yet beyond hope. Steer a wide path in the opposite direction of your (ex)boyfriend and be thankful that you are no longer involved with him. Feeling shaken, guilty, worried and afraid are all normal feelings that come as a result of being involved with a mentally unstable person. Stay as far away from him as possible.

      Truth will out.

  4. I have been taken advantage of a practitioner in ammon idaho , used her for therapy and ended up having my life turned upside down .. she ended up being someone I dated and I’ll tell you what she can’t have a relationship but gives advice to others on how to do so .. it’s the biggest fraud there is with no morals or boundaries as far as I can see .. I was trying to work things out with a woman who also went to see her and we were told lies and manipulated into being apart just so she could use me to get back at her ex .. The attorny who recommended me to her .. they were together when I first used her as a therapist .. He is one of Viannas attorneys , they are all scum and when my son died my therapist took advantage of my state of mind and used me as a pawn in her own game of revenge , I wish I cld sue her and Vianna for all the money I wasted for therapy that now has me more messed up than I was

  5. Only the court system of Idaho viewed it as fraud there are more places countries and people in the world who know it works, clearly missing the point about beliefs and disbelief blocking the healing. Isn’t that you disrespecting the power of your own mind ?

    • Thanks for your comment “badmuthabudda”. The court system of Idaho did view it as fraud; you’re right. And it was a decision made by a jury of 12 people from the Idaho Falls area. So, it wasn’t so much the court “system” of Idaho – but more a representative section of the population of Idaho Falls that UNANIMOUSLY came to the decision that Theta Healing, and Vianna, are frauds. And furthermore, if more individuals, counties and other countries of the world used their legal resources to hold Vianna and Co. accountable for the fraud they are committing, we suspect that those legal outlets would come to the same decision(s) that the folks in Idaho Falls did.

      Vianna and Co. failed to prove how Theta Healing works. Nor will they ever prove it because it simply doesn’t work. Yes, you mention that “there are more places countries and people in the world who know it works” – to which we would offer that these are merely small groups of people who have bought into (literally) the Theta Healing lie. We would like to challenge them (and you if you’re up for it) to prove how Theta Healing works. Simply saying that it does does NOT equal proof.

      As far as “disrespecting the power of our [sic] mind” is concerned, and the idea of “blocking the healing” – we’ll offer you two things.
      1) It’s the power of our minds and the
      use of these minds that helps us to know that theta healing is a fraud. And if you use your powers of deductive reasoning you would come to the same conclusion
      2) How legitimate is a healing modality if it’s possible to “block” it simply with our beliefs? If Theta Healing truly worked, don’t you think it wouldn’t matter what our beliefs were? If it worked, it would work no matter what – right?

      Thanks again for your comment.
      Truth will out,
      -Perry and Co.

    • Kristensjourney:

      You’re absolutely right. It is difficult to prove how faith works. However, do you know of anyone who will CHARGE you a fee for your faith? Or charge you money on how to activate your “faith”?

      We’ll leave it at that.

      Truth will out,

  6. I am in the middle of a complete crisis because of theta healing feels life threataning, what can i do?

    • Claire:
      If you’re in a life threatening health crisis – please call 911. Immediately. Or call your Doctor as soon as you can.

      If you’re in need of mental health services, please call a crisis hotline, or seek out services from a mental healthcare provider as soon as you can.

      If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a so-called Theta “Healer” – please hire a lawyer and pursue legal action.

      Whatever you do, don’t call a Theta Healer. Their methods have gotten you into the state that you’re currently in. Don’t allow them to hurt you any further with false proclamations of healing powers.

      We do hope you’re okay.
      (Keep us posted. Let us know that you’re okay….ok?)

      Truth will out.

  7. Don’t know if it works or doesn’t, but why are the “debunkers” like yourself always so pissed off? A lot of people obviously believe to no harm. What business is it of yours how people spend their money? So don’t go to the workshop. (And get over yourself).

    • Thanks for your note “JaneDoe” – just a couple of notes in response:

      1) Not sure where you’re getting the impression that we are “pissed off” as you put it. There’s really no place in all of these posts where we’re exhibiting anger. Instead, we’re presenting sound and logical criticism of a “healing” modality that lacks any quantifiable proof of its legitimacy.
      2) “A lot of people obviously believe [it] to [do] no harm (sic)”. On one hand you’re right. A lot of people do unfortunately believe in Theta Healing. On the other hand, it can and does create very real and very serious harm. It creates this harm through advertising the illusion of a cure for any physical or psychological ailment administered by people with little if any training in medical or psychological diagnostics or treatment. In many cases, these same people avoid the treatments that they need in hopes that Theta Healing will be an alternative to true and legitimate medical treatment (i.e. treatment for cancer). By avoiding these treatments, these same people are wasting valuable time that could mean the balance of their life or death. So, for that reason, Theta Healing can be INCREDIBLY harmful and flat out dangerous.
      3) Yes, People are free to spend their money in any way they wish. However, when people spend their money on fradulent scams, they almost always feel duped, humiliated and lied to. Our intention with this blog, is to help those people from being caught up and preyed upon by such a scam. But you’re right – if armed with this knowledge they still choose to invest in a lie – it is completely by choice. Much like putting money in a slot machine; there is a *chance* that you might hit the jackpot, but ultimately, the house always wins.
      4) Thanks for the advice. We won’t ever go to the workshop. We know better. And we hope to empower people to make the same intelligent decision.
      5) As for “getting over [ourselves]” – don’t worry, we’re quite over ourselves. Though, as someone who trolls a blog that offers valid criticism and posts comments that lack any sort of sound rebuttal to said criticisms, we might suggest that you take your own advice and get over YOURself.

      Thanks for the comment.
      Truth will out.

  8. after a year of being a theta healing practitioner, it is a truth for me that theta healing works and can change your life.
    i respect ones opinion to believe or not to believe…one can judge after having tried, that is the only proof and answer to your questions.

    • Amalia: What do you tell your “clients” when they come back to you and tell you that nothing’s changed? That they’re not cured? That they’re still poor? Still in debt? Still struggling? Still looking for answers that Theta Healing promises but fails to deliver? What proof do you cite? What proof do you show them?

      Do you tell them to just believe harder?

      Truth will out.

  9. Maybe it doesn’t work for some people, but it sure as hell has worked for me. I’m grateful every day for the positive changes that Theta Healing has brought into my life. I truly regret that there are those who have not had the transformational experience and results that I have.

    Sydney Barrows

    • Sydney: Congratulations on your positive changes. But we hate to break it to you: Those changes were ALL YOU. They had NOTHING to do with Theta Healing. Give credit where credit is due – to yourself.

      Truth will out.

  10. In general I agree with you, but your logic has little mistakes too. In one of your comments you say that a healing method must work regardless of our believes. But this is not true for any healing System… Even The best medical system does not work if you believe it does not work.

    • Black Ares: Thanks for your comment. You state: “….this is not true for any healing system… Even the best medical system does not work if you believe it does not work.” Interesting. Hmm. Well, let’s look at it this way: if you had an abscessed tooth, but didn’t believe that you had an abscessed tooth – does that mean that your dentist wouldn’t be able to remove the tooth? If you needed antibiotics for a bacterial infection – but you didn’t believe in antibiotics – does this mean that the antibiotics wouldn’t work when you took them? Does it mean that you’d end up dying, not from the bacterial infection, but from a lack of belief? Medicine….REAL medicine… doesn’t discriminate on the basis of one’s belief system. Either it works or it doesn’t. If Theta “Healing” can be nullified simply through not “believing” – then it doesn’t work. Plain and simple. Your logic… lacks logic.
      Thanks for the comment though.

      Truth will out.
      -P O’V.

  11. If anyone wants to join me in a class action lawsuit against Vianna Stibal please contact me through halcyonuniverse@gmail.com There is a lawyer I spoke with looking for more people who have taken her courses or any DNA Theta Healing Course for this lawsuit. It’s based on the grounds that the modality is false, doesn’t work, and all based on the proof that she never had cancer in her leg and the modality never healed it. She’s a liar.

  12. Being an old white guy on the pension here in Oz, I resonate with the various “deals” that go around the traps.
    The Theta Healing stuff may have worked for the female that kick-started the whole shebang, but it doesn’t follow that it’ll work for all, or any, of us.

    I’ve been into this kind of thing since the early 80s, and I can say my life is no different now than what it was then. I don’t want to slag anyone, but I can say after visiting all the “gurus” I realize the most outstanding quality the possess is to scam money out of dills like me.

  13. Interesting thread here regarding theta healing. I am not the intellectual and can not speak with authority but have turned to prayer as one of the ways (whether it works it works or not) to healing and wholeness. I use western treatments along with nutrition and spiritual paths to bring clarity and healing to my body. One can not be certain that anything will work but one can only be proactive in their lives towards taking care of themselves, but do it with your eyes wide open, be it through western, eastern, or other forms of medicine, nutrition, thought or theory. Ask many questions along the way. Anything can become a cult. There are art cults, running and exercise cults, many many that are never heard about that are destructive. I was once with someone in a destructive cult and went through a 5 day intervention to get him out and worked with leading cult interventionist for 2 years. He did actually leave. Later I was a facilitator in getting others to leave. ICSA is a good place to get questions answered.

  14. I find all this rather intriguing! I did my Theta Certifcate many years ago. I was unsure if it had worked but after getting my certified clinical hypnotherapy training I figured it couldn’t hurt to add an Advanced Certificate of Theta Healing to my credit. I was absolutely flawed at how gullible all the Theta Healing students were. Not one person questioned anything. We were told to stand up and notice if our bodies leaned forward or backwards as we were being asked questions ….at a fast pace! This was totally ridiculous as people were still being moved by gravity and momentum and deciding that part of their souls were locked in some other reality or burnt as a witch etc etc. I am open to stuff and love learning….but in my humble opinion blindly accepting what a Theta ‘Practitioner’ says is just plain dangerous.

  15. Vianna is a gypsy. Why hasn’t the world caught on sooner. Gypsies are constantly being run out of Europe for the fraud they perpetrate.
    I worked with someone, here in Texas, that proudly stated she was from Romania, portraying as if it is some exotic locale. This is laughable.. Well, she purposely went to work for a small company where the owners showed up every day. (Talk about a predator!) She was only looking for a millionaire husband. She broke up a marriage, took a small child away from her father, reaked all sorts of chaos. She didn’t even feel bad for being a home wrecker. And this is a true sign of a con artist: she sought therapy and enlisted the help of a psychologist. Not to help her cope with the aftermath of the drama she had caused, but to help her escape the critical eye of the corporate on lookers! Shaking my head.
    So, I guess you can say I have experienced what gypsies are all about. Vianna Stibal has all the makings of a gypsy.
    I did take the basic and the advanced DNA courses of Theta healing, I asked my instructor if it altered genetics and if that was the easiest to do she could change my eye-color. After all, that is instant and very visible! My Theta instructor stated, she didn’t know, she’d never tried it. I was giving her the opportunity to do this! She sideswiped it by saying she “did not know, she had never tried this”. This was her opportunity! She knew in her heart of hearts, if theta healing really worked them I ask you to change my eyes from brown to green or possibly even blue. I hope this question rings at the back of her mind forever. I have even left this question on Vianna’s answering machine and no one has never gotten back to me in regards to this.

  16. Thank you for posting this. While I’m open to alternatives that might not be proved, I don’t need something that will cause me more harm. I’m already hurting enough.

  17. Thanks so much for leading this effort! It takes a very strong woman to lead this solo. I’m so glad I didn’t get into contract with her dark system. I am currently exposing another new age fraud, Mas Sajady, with several other women. Newspaper articles have come out about him, he is desperate to silence the truth. Minnesota’s Garbage masquerading as something good. This will be a very big debacle. Here’s the webpage where I’ve been researching and compiling information. http://healingmassajadyclients.blogspot.com/
    Thanks again for leading the charge against Vianna Stibal.

  18. Theta healing technique is an alternative healing method created by ViannaStibal in 1995. She created the technique after she got healed of lymphatic cancer. The thetahealing.com technique annexes the power of the brain’s Theta waves to remove blocks in the subconscious mind, and substitute them with positive energies. The removal of these blocks leads to better emotional balance and improved physical wellbeing.

    • Hmm….waitasec….I thought she told people she cured herself of “leg cancer”? At least that’s what she tries to “sell” her students on. Which is it? “Cancer of the Leg”? Or Lymphatic cancer? Oh, and once you decide which one it is, please present the proof (the medical document listing this diagnosis) of the cancer and that she was later diagnosed as “clear of cancer” or that her cancer was in remission from her Theta Healing practices…..and we’ll happily eat our collective shirts.

      Truth will out.

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