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…details to follow…


8 thoughts on “*** GUILTY ***

  1. fascinating and great to hear.. any additional details would be great.. especially if you can find any ‘official’ documentation from the court.

    • Dear Nunya:

      Thanks for your deeply thought out and insightful comment. Apparently you’ve found our research to be unsatisfactory? Perhaps you could enlighten us as to where you felt it was lacking? Perhaps you could fill in the gaps with some facts of your own? Ones that you’ve researched extensively?

      This blog exists to protect people from the fraud that is being perpetuated on vulnerable and hopeful people in the form of Theta Healing. And it exists to shed light on Vianna Stibal (and her compound cohorts) and expose her for the fraudulent scam artist and charlatan that she is.

      If you can give us examples and facts to the contrary – we’d be happy to post them here. Our challenge to you.

      As to your suggestion for us to get a life – thanks for the suggestion. We’ll take it into consideration. Can you refer us to some local and reputable Theta Healers? Maybe they could help us *download* one.

      Truth will out.

  2. Hey guys thanks for the info.I have been doing healing work from the age of 16,I am now 45. There are some good things out there that can help people.I have looked in to Theta healing and had a few “treatment” I found most of it to be bull shit and non effective.
    Theta at best is a guided meditation or hypnosis, I have seen the treatments mess with peoples heads all most brain washing them. The way of healing what ever is going on is not just a quick fix. It takes time and someone who knows what they are doing. That is my thought about it. If you have more information please e-mail me. I know 4 practitioners of theta healing. Ripping people off for large sums of money. True healers don’t charge for there talents and gifts.God Bless.Rev.Drake

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Drake.

      We appreciate and agree with your assessment of Theta Healing as “at best, a guided meditation or hypnosis”. And you’re absolutely right – it does mess with people’s heads. Primarily because it (and its “practitioners/theta healers”) uses time-tested brainwashing techniques that are used by all cults and similar organizations to manipulate people’s rational thinking skills. If you Google “brainwashing techniques” you will find all of the methods used by Theta Healers to manipulate people into believing that they are receiving a magical healing experience.

      Most Theta Healers aren’t aware that they are selling a false product because they have also bought into the same manipulative lie by Vianna and her “trainings.” Those Theta Healers however, who ARE aware that Theta Healing is a fraud and that they are consciously (or lack thereof) ripping people off – are, at best, Frauds. And at worst, Sociopaths.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  3. WOW! I WAS going to organise a session with a practitioner & maybe even learn/become a practitioner….but now….probably give it a miss. Thank you.

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