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** Trial Update** Day 1.

The trial of Vianna Stibal and Theta Healing officially began today.  She is standing trail for Fraud.

As it is a jury-decided trial, today was marked by jury selections from both the Plaintiffs and the Defendants.

Several people were removed in efforts to find the individuals who will be balanced and without bias when it comes time to make a sound judgement for the case.

Vianna was in attendance today.

It’s been a while since we’ve  had an appearance by Vianna.  Have you seen her recently?  One of the things we cannot possibly begin to fathom is this: Vianna and Theta Healers claim it can help an individual to “instantly” create the body they want and ultimate health.  The thing we keep wondering is this – why won’t Vianna use this miraculous ability on herself?  Anyone who’s seen this woman knows that she is far from the picture of health.  In fact, one could argue that she is the poster-person for a whole host of different health problems.

Watch the video below.  Specifically, skip to the 1:00 mark and see what Vianna has to say about creating instant vitality.  Of course after that she goes on to tell her calling-card story of having Cancer of the leg (Cancer of the leg?) and healing it instantly.  She says (and I quote):

“I went from them wanting to cut off my leg to a  perfect body.”

Um….perfect body?  Have you seen this woman recently?


Vianna goes on to talk about how, if you do NOT have an instant healing, it’s YOUR fault because you are blocking the healing from occurring.

Theta Healing works!

Unless it doesn’t.

And if it doesn’t, it’s YOUR fault.  You and your limiting beliefs.

(See how that works?)

Vianna was in attendance at the trial today.  And we can’t help but wonder – if she is the spokesperson for Theta Healing helping people to achieve the “perfect body” – is this what people signing up for Theta Healing sessions have to look forward to?

Is this the picture of the body that YOU want?


Truth will out.

-Perry O’Veritas.


2 thoughts on “** Trial Update** Day 1.

  1. To some people having arms and legs, eyes that see, the ability to speak, etc – this is a perfect body – maybe re-evaluate what a perfect body is without the influence of cultural programming. Additionally – Theta has worked for me and other people I know.
    Maybe focus on something that is a real crime, like the BP cover up or Fukushima.

    • Hello Mishi, and thanks for your comment. Perhaps to some people, having arms and legs, eyes that see, and the ability to speak IS a perfect body. You’re absolutely right.

      Fortunately you’re in luck because Vianna offers all of that – and more! As you may recall, Vianna suggests that Theta Healing can re-grow limbs. Afterall, she did re-grow her leg after it had shrunk by more than 6 inches from cancer remember? So, would you suppose that Theta Healing could help re-grow the limb of an amputee? Could it help to restore sight to the blind?

      You say that “Theta healing has worked for [you] and other people you know.” Fantastic. Can you prove it? If having arms and legs that work and eyes that see make for a perfect body – can you name one instance of Theta Healing restoring sight to the blind? Or movement to the paralyzed? Or the re-growth of a leg to a soldier who’s lost theirs in battle? Because by your logic, that’s really all they’d need for a perfect body right?

      The fact is, you don’t know anyone who can make those claims. No one involved with Theta healing can make those claims. And every time Vianna makes those claims – she is lying.

      This has nothing to do with cultural programming. It’s about charging money for lies.

      And by the way, preying on the hopes and dreams of other people for your own financial gain is a a very real crime. It’s called Fraud. And don’t kid yourself – Theta Healing is a fraud.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Truth will out.

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