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Starting next week, Vianna Stibal is going on trial in the Suprior Court of Idaho Falls in Bonneville County, Idaho.

She is going on trial for FRAUD.

This trial is open to the public and the outcome will be decided by a jury.  The facilitator(s) of this website will be in attendance, and we encourage anyone interested in seeing and hearing the overwhelming evidence amassed against Vianna, THiNK, and Theta Healing to also attend.  Also, if you are a Vianna Stibal supporter and living in the area, we encourage you to attend.  While there, you will be able to see first hand, how Vianna responds to the charges against her and how she chooses to defend herself.

We will be posting regular updates of the trial and its progress.  Check back often to hear about how the proceedings are unfolding.

We are looking forward to this.  As should you.

As always,

Truth will out.


8 thoughts on “**Breaking News!** VIANNA ON TRIAL IN IDAHO FALLS!!

  1. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I
    find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  2. she should be in court for murder. there is a murder trial going on in Yorkton Sask. right now that all stemmed from a weekend retreat for theta healing

    • We couldn’t agree more. If not for murder, certainly for selling false hopes that are severe enough that they can actually lead people to reject necessary medical care for serious health conditions, which can, in many cases, lead people to unnecessary deaths.

      Please send additional information on the murder trail in Yorkton if you have it. (Links, etc.) And we will happily re-post it here on this site. The public has a right to know about this.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention – and for your contribution in the fight against the fraud that is Theta Healing.

      Truth will out.

  3. THETA has saved my life. It’s science. Viana is a witness. Not a healer. Creator of all That is, it is commanded that the minds of truth truly be evident in this moment of exposure to the light and love of what it FEELS like to be whole, and perfect in theanner they were created to be and not what others feel they should be. Creator may we honor the truths of one another and not judge and expect what perfection should be for others, and command perfection within ourselves without judgement, or fear. you got this Vianna! Thank you for sharing these truths and may you continue in YOUR PERFECTION, however this
    It feels
    To YOU! Aloha! Mahalo! Thank you! Gracias Creator! IT IS SO!
    show us!

    And for those wanting to dig into ugly CULT. Check out.. Papa kills
    Babies! Hampstead! Uk!
    The light
    Shall prevail!

    • We can’t quite tell if this comment is a heartfelt one – or one made in jest. Either way, it is, at best, word-salad. And you sound as though you’ve been SEVERELY brainwashed.

  4. Wow! Creator of ALL THAT IS! May the truth show itself evident! May Viana be recieved as perfect in every way without judgement or fear. May we be recieved as perfect and whole in whatever way that iappears in our beautiful human bodies without expectations of others of what we should appear like! May all step into their most intelligent Beingness! Mahalo Creator! thank You Creator! show is it is so! AHO!

    If you want to check out cults.. Really!?? Google “Papa Kills Babies”. Hamsters Christian Society. Now that’s a cult!!’nn

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