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Genes cost $170

   The following is a post originally published by Lindsey Stock in March of 2010.  As we’ve mentioned before, from time to time, we will be re-posting some of Lindsey’s most important information and insights for people to see and read for themselves.  The following article talks about Vianna’s insistence that Genes (and therefore DNA) can be changed instantly with….you guessed it….Theta Healing.  Lindsey offers some great insight in this article and poses some very interesting and logical questions.  Questions that you should ask any Theta Healer before you decide to invest in any of their services or decide to take any o f their classes.  

Always ask questions.

And enjoy the article below.

***Originally posted in March of 2010***

“I’m gonna show you how to change a gene, just the way I was shown by the Creator… I’m gonna tell you that we’ve been pretty successful with this… Changing a gene is actually probably the simplest healing you can do.

It takes a half an hour a piece for you to teach, and I know that Guy really wants to go over contracts with you today… so it will take us about two hours to test to make sure that you guys are comfortable teaching…

I’m gonna show you how to change a gene, are you ready to go? How do you change a gene? This particular procedure is used for genetic defects such as retardation. You can kind of use it for Down syndrome, even though Down syndrome is a, a double strand of the same strand… Your body is made up of 5 things. It’s made up of carbohydrates, nucleic acid, proteins, something called ATP and lipids… these nucleic acids are put together by something called a hydrogen bond. If you were a microbiologist or a chemist, you would know that a hydrogen bond is the easiest atomic structure to change. K? It’s the easiest.

Well sometimes the DNA gets messed up. Since it’s the easiest thing to change, it would be the easiest thing to heal… DNA is so smart that they actually have to make scientists leave the room and go away  in order to conduct experiments on DNA because they found that the scientists thoughts were actually changing the experiments… and the Creator told me that there’s like a master cell, that if you change that cell the whole body changes… you go up and you say, ‘Creator, this child would like to change, take care of it, thank you it is done, it is done.’ And you go in and you witness, you see a flash of light, and it’s changed.”

Vianna Stibal says that changing genes is the “simplest” healing.

Adrenoleukodystrophy, Adrenomyelonueropathy, Huntington disease, phenylketonuria, Marfan syndrome, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, galactosemia, cystic fibrosis, polycystic kidney disease, Tay-Sachs disease, hypertrichosis pinnae, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, gauchers disease…

Vianna says on one of her YouTube videos that she has seen millions of diseases. Millions. Vianna says that fixing genes is the simplest healing you can do. Why, then are there so many people in the world with genetic diseases? If they’re easy to fix then what on Earth are all these Theta “Healers” doing with their time? If it only takes an instant, shouldn’t it be easy to fix millions of people?

Countless people suffer everyday. Sickle cell anemia affects a staggering 1 in 625 African-Americans, reducing life expectancy to about 42 years old. If ThetaHealing is so effective at fixing these “simple” diseases, that kill people (children/women/men) everyday…  then why are people still suffering? If all someone has to do is pay (according to one Healer’s website) $170 for a session to rid one’s self of a debilitating genetic disease, who in their right mind wouldn’t do this? No one wouldn’t do it. And if they didn’t have the money themselves, and had a stingy healer, who wouldn’t lend/give that small amount to someone who will soon be CURED?! If a mother could avoid the trauma her newborn baby, born with a genetic defect, would experience… would she not avoid thousands of dollars in medical bills, surgeries and more?

If Theta Healing worked, people would be perfect.

No one would be dis-eased. Theta Practitioners would heal babies in the womb (who they can apparently see before their birth, with ease no less) before they ever had to spend a single second on the earth with a genetic mutation. If all it took was seeing a flash in your mind and “telling” God to fix a defective gene, then suffering would end for millions of people everyday… until no more disease existed in the world. The world would leave Christianity permanently and “convert” to Theta.

But it doesn’t work.

ThetaHealing preys on those who seek help and those who long for a quick fix. Vianna Stibal arrogantly claims to have received a “procedure” from God that heals genetic disorders in virtually no time at all! Look at her. Listen to the way she talks and the things that she says. Read her quotes above; look at her overweight body. She supposedly gets information from God, yet God isn’t aware of how to pronounce the words she is told?… and God is well-known by major religions in both the past and present to be wrong on a constant basis? Is God also known to give unique, never-before-heard techniques to women who lie, cheat, defraud, plagiarize  gossip, abuse their body, welcome physical/emotional/financial abandonment of innocent children, accept adultery in “healing” sessions, disobey laws, and charge a great deal of money for unsubstantiated claims? Not last time I checked.

It’s time for people to question these ridiculous claims. This must stop.

Where are all of the recipients of the instantly healed genetic defects? They don’t exist.  Oh, and there’s one more person who doesn’t exist:  the knowledgeable Naturopath, Massage Therapist and loving Grandmother who healed herself of cancer. She doesn’t exist.  She’s just more lies made up by Vianna Stibal.


6 thoughts on “Genes cost $170

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! FIXING GENES. Ah, who’da thought it possible…and, in an INSTANT!

    Fixing genes is easy.. Seriously? Typical QUOTE FROM VIANNA: “DNA is so smart that they actually have to make scientists leave the room and go away in order to conduct experiments on DNA because they found that the scientists thoughts were actually changing the experiments…” Are you kidding me? WHO IS BUYING THIS??? Laughable!!! Who is “they”? (as in “they actually have to make the scientists leave the room…” Where are all these scientists? Is there PROOF of this “story”? Sadly, it looks like her theta followers believe this lie.

    Ms. Stibal should have won the Nobel Peace prize by now. She should be the President of the United States or the WORLD (move over, Obama!). She certainly should have a special seat at the U.N. (United Nations), if she and her theta healing practitioners are capable of this magnificent claim!

    So tell me, who or what God/Creator of ALL THAT IS, do you think Vianna is listening to or claims to get direction from? Could she be communicating with the REAL (and Holy) Creator/God? Step back and think about it long and hard. Would a REAL God/Creator/All that is or whatever term she wants to use at the time, tell her to CONTROL as many people as possible into following her teachings and instructions? To be more specific, her EXACT instructions? Really? Honestly? Seriously? Would a REAL GOD give critical information to be shared to the world to anyone, for personal gain and glory? Would a REAL GOD give critical/life changing information to take to the world? Of course! But, to someone who is a fraud and a liar? Not a chance. Vianna needs to take a lesson or two from people who truly love and give to others out of genuine care… like Mother Teresa. (Vianna isn’t qualified to sweep the dust off of her shoes)

    Vianna is NOT (the real) God’s mouthpiece. She is no more worthy to get messages to share to the world, than was Jim Jones, of “Jonestown” fame. She may not claim to be the reincarnation of Jesus as Jim Jones claimed (as well as the Heaven’s Gate leader and MANY others), but spouting off that “God told me….” should be clear enough to understand that she’s a CON artist.

    Don’t forget, Vianna makes a lot of money taking her “messages from God” to the world.

    Here’s a quick definition of a Charlatan: A flamboyant deceiver who falsely makes elaborate and fraudulent claims to SELL something to unwary customers. Synonyms: Fraud, phony, fake, quack, imposter and swindler.

    A perfect description of the Theta Queen, Vianna Stibal.

    • Thank you for forwarding on this article Victoria. I assume that you wanted to bring this to our attention in order to argue for the validity of gene therapy. And you’re right, Gene Therapy is a very real thing that is scientifically based and scientifically proven. HOWEVER, what needs to be distinguished, is the difference between real, and scientifically valid gene therapy, and the sham that Vianna is peddling to her misguided clients.

      True gene therapy involves the injection of actual chromosomes, in a solution, through a syringe, into the blood stream in order to effect a person’s chromosomal strands of DNA.
      What Vianna offers, is a prayer/meditation technique that supposedly shortcuts science, and bypasses all of the necessary steps in order to make any of this even possible. And all for the low low price of $170.

      Altering strands of human DNA through gene therapy is an extraordinary marvel of modern medical science that has the potential to cure disease and alter the path of human mortality. Theta Healing is a sham and a fraud and only has the potential to rob people of their money (and at times their dignity) by preying on our human need for hope.

      Thanks for the link.

  2. Good thing I did not spend any money on this. Sandy Johnson author of Mystics and Healers must also be a liar. I tried a so called healer Gerry Bostock from Australia and he defrauded me of my money. Also check and ask for proof. There are real healers but they are very rare and should not be asking for large amounts of money to help you.

  3. OMG! These articles are the real eye openers… I was about to join the healing sessions.. Although my intuition said is the money worth it? Well, i wiil keep on researching!
    Thanks a lot for informing the other side of the story!

    • Thanks for your comment Diya. You’re right to trust your intuition. And you don’t need to pay a “theta healer” to know that. It’s intuition. We all have it. We’re born with it. It’s not some magical power that we have to pay a theta healer to obtain. You were smart to trust yours. And hopefully this blog will continue to serve as a source for other people to trust the bad feelings (see: intuition) that they have about Vianna and Theta Healing. Just as you did.

      Truth will out.


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