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How to Start a Cult

Just in case you were wondering.  Here’s a somewhat funny, and yet disturbingly accurate depiction of how cults start and develop.

Granted, not all of this pertains to Vianna and Theta Healing, but as you watch this, we’re quite sure you’ll find plenty of material that does.  Or at least sounds hauntingly familiar.

We can’t help but wonder if Vianna studied this video herself.  Oh the irony.


One thought on “How to Start a Cult

  1. It’s all a lie , I was a client and was used and manipulated by my therapist to get back at an ex of hers .. the attorney I used who recommended her to me !!! She was supposed to be helping me and my girl work things out and instead she manipulated us further apart by telling us things that the other didn’t say and lying to us both .. she told my girl she cannot go back with me , hhhmm but I’m good for her though !! Well this theta crap is worthless . It’s a money making scam and the only people who believe it are weak minded and brainwashed .. and my old therapist / girlfriend believes in it but can’t put any of it to use in her own life .. she councils couples and when I was with her she did nothing the way she told her clients to do …. These people are dangerous , she has destroyed my life .. be warned

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