“How dare you!” said the Theta Healer…

One of the comments that we hear all too often in response to our critical investigation and exposure of Theta Healing is this:

“Theta Healing worked for me!  It’s wonderful!  Vianna is a wonderful loving person – how dare you speak/write badly of her.  You must be full of hate.  I feel sorry for you.”  ..and so forth.

It’s such an easy response that likens to nothing short of a cop-out.  When you give a response like this, you provide absolutely NO counter argument to the facts that are being exposed.  You do nothing to improve any credibility that Theta Healing (or Vianna) might have.  And you do absolutely nothing to prove that Theta Healing works.

If you feel that the facts and information that we are posting on this site are wrong and feel the need to tell us why – please – by all means, do so.  However, if you’re going to do that, give us some solid reasons why you think so.  Provide us with some facts to the contrary.  Provide us with the facts on why Theta Healing works.  Show us the proof that Vianna “grew back” a six inch section of her femur.  Show us the proof that she’s cured HIV/AIDS and Cancer.  Provide us with the proof that she can teleport and walk through walls.  Because if you’re going to try and make an argument for a modality and person that professes such feats of impossibility – you have to provide some proof.  Anything short of that, and you’re merely an accomplice to the lie and a participant in the fraud.

Cop Outs

Truth will out.