Cut the Green Wire? Or the Red Wire?

In the video below, you will find a fascinating TED talk from an ex-member of the Moonie cult.  In our opinion, the talk itself is far too brief to really delve into the deeper societal and psychological damage done by cults and groups of the like.  However, it does touch on some of the reasons why people get seduced by, and further involved with groups like The Moonies or Heaven’s Gate or the idea of Theta Healing.

It’s a quick watch.  And well worth your time.


Unconditional Love… for Your Cash

**Disclaimer =  The following post was originally found on Lindsey Stock’s former website  – which no longer exists.  We have pulled this post from our copied archives and are re-posting it here.  Lindsey no longer operates or maintains a blog.  She had no involvement in our re-posting of her material. **

[We] encourage everyone who comes across this blog to watch the following video:


BBC Video On Theta Healing


A few things stood out to me the first time I watched it. I put up my prior post (The Healing Touch) the night it aired, in the midst of my shock that the BBC actually did a story on ThetaHealing after all this time

But I couldn’t get one part of the report out of my mind. It just kept gnawing at me!

This goes back to the core of why I’m still doing this. No matter how sarcastic I can be, or how much I joke about Vianna’s gross nasal issues, the reason for this blog, for my book, for comments on YouTube, etc. is for one reason only: It is heartbreaking and hurtful to my very soul to know that people around the world are innocently searching for help, and Vianna’s lure traps them when they’re at their most vulnerable.

The anonymous man on the BBC Newsnight story spent £1,200 (approx. $1,920) on worthless ThetaHealing sessions. He represents all of the anonymous, faceless, embarrassed, duped people in many parts of the world. His identity may be hidden, but his voice speaks for those whom fake healings and devotion are given- those who Vianna and her underlings care nothing about. To them, he was a walking wad of cash. And for those of us who had/have placed undeserved faith in the Theta clan, as he did, our health and well-being are code words… lures… to trap us into paying for that which they are incapable of providing. They see our need, find the vulnerability, and pounce.

Unconditional Love: The Theta Way

It goes something like this: “I care so much about you! I want you to be healthy, with a hot, rich husband/wife! You have no legs? That’s okay, we can regrow them! Want a summer wedding in mid winter? That’s okay, we can change the weather! Cancer? Well, that’s our specialty! Who are you to say you can’t afford our fees… you can’t afford to not do this!!”

ThetaHealing: We Love Your Money

It’s all just a lure, a lovely worded modality, filled with terms like “unconditional love” and “love and light” and “going up to God” and “downloading feelings”. There is no shortage of people telling me, “But Vianna did a healing on me FOR FREE!!! So she’s definitely not all about the money!” Like any cult, they’re not going to come right out and tell you all of the hidden, strange beliefs that ThetaHealing actually embraces. They’re not going to sell you their pitch of why you should join by stating that it takes many, many thousands of (US) dollars to get to the top of the Theta pyramid, and that you have to re-certify every couple of years (not for free), and that Vianna comes out with a new book whenever she gets a new sickness or near death experience (which is shockingly- or not shockingly, depending upon your stance- quite often) and that teachers are required to purchase the newest editions of her books, along with manuals, travel costs, etc.

ThetaHealing is NOT an inexpensive hobby. It’s a cult that lures in those who are in need of something- usually money, relationships, babies and weight loss. Now may be a good time to mention again that Vianna and her son have both been married 4 times each and one daughter has 3 kids with a man who refuses to marry her, that one of Vianna’s daughters has had repeated miscarriages, and that Vianna (and her heaviest daughter) have had liposuction and still struggle with obesity… and that clearly the money they earn is from a rather unconventional source.

Payment for Services Rendered

I’ve heard too many times to count, that “Vianna has to make money, too!” and that such is the reason she charges for healing. I definitely wouldn’t care that she was making a fortune off of people if it was actually a worthwhile spending of money… money that other people had to work hard for. I believe that people have original ideas all of the time! I’m definitely a fan of thinkers, of those who use the brains that God gave us to find new ways to improve the old and invent the new. Making money is a part of this culture, and making a LOT of money is not a bad thing!!

But this is no regular job. Vianna is still pretending after 16 years that she healed herself of her invisible cancer. And thus the Theta trap, with “unconditional love” for money.

The Sick Stay Sick

The anonymous man from the report mentioned that he should have sought medical help, and that, “There was never any suggestion I should go back to my doctor, which is what I needed to do.” and this is where my heart aches!

It’s not common for ThetaHealers to want to involve doctors. In fact, in my experience with the family, Vianna and her children/grandchildren visited doctors far more than any of their followers… which is something they worked very, very hard to cover. Generally, if doctors (or other sources of health- acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.) were involved, then the sick would get better. And where would the need for ThetaHealing lie? The sick must stay sick, and receive healing after healing after useless Theta healing, or they’d be out of business.

There are many, many people in the world searching for answers, searching for help- sick, lonely, poor, or simply seeking improvement- and the self help conmen are aplenty! There is no shortage of those who promise the world for a small fee, we all know that. But when someone starts a business, and makes a ridiculous amount of money off of an unproven healing technique, off of lies??? That’s despicable!

There is no longer an excuse needed for Vianna- she can get a real job, like all of the rest of us, who actually do something to earn money. I don’t get paid to pray for people. And if that’s truly all Vianna does, then she should do it, too. I can promise you right now that Vianna is no closer to God than the fat, drunk guy down the street from me.

Healing, Not ThetaHealing?

There never has been, and never will be, any proof that Vianna Stibal ever had cancer. Since it is impossible to heal something that never existed, the very premise of ThetaHealing (aka the fake channeling from God) is nothing but a sick conning of the sick.

I believe in healing. I believe in God. I absolutely believe that faith can work miracles! But ThetaHealing is as much about healing as Bill Gates is a master of gates. ThetaHealing is merely a con, a way to lure those in need to follow someone whom appears to have healed herself of cancer! But it didn’t happen. Save your money. You don’t have to pay for faith or healing.

If this sounds like a group that you would want to learn more from, please visit the ThetaHealing website for more information. But while you consider it, remember what our good friend Jiminy Cricket said…

Jiminy Cricket: Go ahead, make a fool of yourself, then maybe you’ll listen to your conscience.