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In Case You Missed It…

Last year the BBC did a feature on Vianna and Theta Healing while they were visiting and promoting in London at the time.  This video has been difficult to find on YouTube for some time now, though fairly easy to find on the BBC website.

And even easier to find now that we’ve supplied a link here on this blog.

Please read the story and watch the video.  Especially the part where Guy attacks the reporter and his camera man for simply wanting to ask Vianna a couple of questions.

Ask yourself:  If Theta Healing works so well, why do the people who promote it and profit from it refuse to ever back it up with measurable evidence?  Why won’t they ever prove that it works?  And why is it that anyone who questions the validity of Theta Healing gets attacked and bullied (usually through threats and litigation, though sometimes physically as evidenced by this video) into submission and silence?


BBC Story on Theta Healing and Vianna



Until next time,

Truth will Out.

-Perry O’Veritas



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