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ThetaHealing: Unmasking the Cult

We here at ThetaHealingFraud are dedicated to exposing the fraud and lies upon which Theta Healing has been built.
And we’re big supporters of anyone else who is focused on the same goal.

And for that reason, we’re happy to support another website which we highly recommend.  Please read through the information on this site – you’ll find an extraordinary amount of information there which should help you in your search for answers…

And consider all of the facts that are given to you…


Until Next time,

-Perry O’Veritas.


2 thoughts on “ThetaHealing: Unmasking the Cult

    • Glad that you found it useful. And we hope that your sister will too. Groups like Theta Healing are very damaging to the public at large. Please help to spread the word about these dangerous organizations and the sociopathic individuals that lead them.

      Truth will out.

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