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Vianna wins an Award!…….(again)

Over at selfhelpfraud.com, the 2012 awards for the most Narcissistic Guru have been announced!

This dubious award was formerly known as the “Scammy” – given to the Self-Help guru who most aptly personifies the traits commonly associated with the psychological condition known in the DSM-IV as:  Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Vianna Stibal, “Founder” of Theta Healing holds on to the Female distinction for the third year in a row.  Ms Stibal has built an empire on the blatantly fraudulent claim that she healed herself from “leg cancer”  utilizing a hybrid of prayer and meditation known as “Theta Healing”.  Since then, Ms Stibal has developed an international following of people who pay her to learn these techniques, and then continue to pay pyramid-scheme-like royalties to her after building their own business of Theta Healing  – where they perpetuate and further spread the scam by preying upon desperate and gullible people.

James Arthur Ray – who gained notoriety for promoting his role in the 2006 phenomenon “The Secret” and then again in 2009 for standing by, seemingly disengaged, while attendees died at his “Spiritual Warrior” workshops on two separate occasions – has the honor of holding the most narcissistic Male distinction for the second year in a row.  In 2011, James Ray was convicted on 3 counts of negligent manslaughter in connection with the deaths of three attendees at his seminar in Sedona, Arizona in 2009.

The first runner up is held by the towering monolith (both figuratively and literally) in the Self-Help world known as Anthony (Tony) Robbins.  Mr. Robbins, one of the elder statesmen, and arguably the most prolific in this industry, has been shelling out his particular brand of self-improvement to late night insomniacs for years.  People pay thousands of dollars to attend his seminars where they leave feeling elated for having, among other things, walked on hot coals.  But as is the case with all self-help seminar attendees, the effects wear off after a couple of weeks and the individuals are left looking for the next seminar to attend, or book to purchase – all with the hopes of reclaiming the euphoric high (see: love bombing) that they felt while attending the aforementioned seminar(s).

Congratulations Ms Stibal, Mr. Ray, and Mr. Robbins – you continue to dig snake oil salesmen/women a new level of human depravity.

Until next time.

Truth will out.



2 thoughts on “Vianna wins an Award!…….(again)

    • Robert:
      Perhaps you could be a bit more specific? Perhaps you could tell us HOW it saved your life? And provide some proof?
      Because although you may THINK it saved your life, we can tell you with 99.99% certainty that it did NOT save your life.
      Just sayin’.


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