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Standard Operating Procedure…

As mentioned in our opening post, this blog was created after we voluntarily took down and deleted our ownership of www.donttreadontruth.wordpress.com.

That blog had been a reconstruction of Lindsey Stock’s earlier blog where she had posted valuable information on the inner workings of the global scam known as Theta Healing.  Within two days of re-creating that blog, this was the first comment we received:

Submitted on 2012/11/16 at 9:46 pm

Every post you have of Lindsey’s that continues on this site or is repost from her material is a breach of ms stock’s agreement unless of course you are posting without her permission in which case you are violating copyright law WordPress has been notified as well as the proper authorities.

To which we say – thank you “word healer” for enlightening us to what actually occurred.

There had been some question among her supporters as to why Lindsey was taking down her blog.  Now it appears that you’ve been good enough to share with us why.   Looks as though we can add her to the list of people that Theta Healing has bullied and litigated into silence.

A couple of things “World Healer”:

First off, your IP address is collected with your comment.  And a simple IP lookup (that anyone can easily do)  points quite clearly to your location just outside of….*gasp*… Idaho Falls.  (And for those of you who are new to Theta Healing, Idaho Falls is the home and headquarters of Vianna and the “Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.”)  Why aren’t we the least bit surprised that you are already threatening anyone posting “less-than-glowing” comments about Theta Healing?  Of course you are – that’s the way that THiNK spreads the *unconditional love* right?

Secondly:  Apparently you didn’t read the part where we had pointed out, in plain English, that Lindsey had no administration or control of that blog whatsoever.   And again,  just in case there is any confusion, Lindsey has no connection to this blog either.

Instead of actually backing up and supporting any of the claims made by Vianna and Theta Healing, you threaten and bully the people who dare to question its validity.   Can’t you see how threatening to sue any and everyone who question the transparent lies Theta Healing is built upon is practically akin to an admission of guilt?   Not exactly pleading your case for something that’s supposed to be based upon, and preaches “love and light”.

But we’re not that surprised.  This is Theta Healing’s standard operating procedure.

Though you really should know by now that attempting to silence your critics and the people that question your motives doesn’t exactly win your points in the court of public opinion.

Ultimately though, we have to say thanks.  Because after your comment, now we know what happened to Lindsey.





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